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Sean Gabay, CEP, RFC
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College Selection Process

Summer is a great time to intensify your college admission process and get ahead tremendously. Here are some steps I would like for every student to undertake ASAP:

If your SAT score is less than 2200 or ACT less than 33, then I strongly recommend that you study 2-3 hours a day practicing these tests (as many as 20-30 actual testes).

Start practicing your college ESSAYS as much as possible. You can get an idea of the prompts by downloading couple of your prospective schools last year applications and start practicing.

Increase your volunteer work.

Research as many as private scholarships as possible. You can start by using www.collegeboard.com, www.fastweb.com or www.scholarships.com .

Start intensifying your college search. Find out as much as you can about colleges. Here are some more information:
Many college students report that the college they chose was not among the schools they initially considered. So how did they discover that "Right for Me" college? And what can you do to make sure you don't overlook yours?

If you have started your list, visit a few of these choices. (Or, visit a few local colleges even if they aren't on your list.) You'll begin to see what you like and don't like. For example, "Idyllic College" might seem pretty enough, but a little too quiet for your taste. Or "Sprawling U" might feel way too big — or quite exciting.

What else? Keep an open mind. There are bound to be important aspects of college life that you discover after you make your first college list. For example, you might learn that a college's surrounding community is less important than you thought. As you learn more about colleges, keep track of what you like and dislike. As you find a quality you like in one college, you can look for other colleges with that quality. And you can cross off colleges that don't have what you really want.

Many students put schools on their first college list that everyone seems to know about. It's worthwhile to take some time to find out if those colleges really are a good match for you. There are plenty of other options that you might be overlooking!

If someone who knows you well — such as a relative or your counselor — suggests a college you aren't familiar with or one that you've heard something negative about, check it out yourself. One person's negative is another person's positive. Your opinion is the one that matters.

It's rare to find complete peace of mind when it comes to applying for colleges. Learning more about what you want in a college and being open to finding it is an important step in that direction.

I am here to help. Please call me with any questions…..

Best regards,

Sean Gabay, CEP, RFC


P.S. Referrals are always appreciated.

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